En Vogue Nails







Cuticles tidied, nails filed, mini hand massage and a polish to suit you






















Your feet will feel thouroughly refreshed after this pedicure in which we soak your feet,

tidy & nourish cuticles & nails, slough hard skin finishing with a massage and paint.

























in fill


Required fortnightly to prolong the life of your enhancements.





















Gel overlays


Gel overlays use biosculpture gel to protect nails while they grow and are ideal

for weaker nails and those who are a little 'heavier' on their nails, The gel lasts 10 to 21 days,

they are easy to remove by soaking off - either at home or in the salon available in

french manicure or over 30 different colours to choose from,

instantly dries - no smudges or drying time required.



















File and polish


we will file your nails either short or long it all depend on you. just let us know what

shpae you want to have and we will take the rest. the same for polish choose the colour

you want to have and we will paint it on for you.




















Full set


gel / acrylic


we will give you more options to go for any shape or a long nails. we will using the fake

nails and the powder to make it possible. the life time of a full set will last you for 2 weeks

or it can last longer if you look after it well.



















gel / Shellac polish


the gel colours is another technique to protect your real nails also this fabulous gel

or shellac will look better on your nails then a normal polish. the life time for gel

polish will last atleast for 2 weeks.




















toes nail extention


there are a lot of customers had problem with toes nail some people have fungal nail,

some other have boken or their nail is damaging. we will clean your nail and make it better.

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